0 ADX for Explosive Moves

| Tuesday, 31 May 2016
Its not only what to do which plays a important role but also one should know what not to do.
In stronger markets like we saw in the last 2 years the oscillators like Stock and RSI on Higher Time Frames usually get stuck at the above levels.
While the ADX of higher time frames is at its strongest. The oscillators on lower times frames move down wards to give a breathing space to the stock.
While this happens the ADX on weekly is above 30-35 levels and turns a bit down than last week. This is Direction Change which is negative.
This Negative Direction change might be temporary or permanent. But while the higher time frame is still strong and the lower time frames again get moving up you would see the weekly ADX turning up again. A "u" turn up which can be called as a new up which can be Moderate New up or Strong New Up.
Such moves in strong markets can give explosive break outs.


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